Installation integrity / setup

I installed a bitnami DSP v 2.0.x (the current bitnami ami version). everything worked OK. then I changed the local mysql db to an RDS instance I had created as per the bitnami/dreamfactory settings and following instructions in the wiki. and now i can’t create any services.

In the wiki under Switch System Database section, the instructions to change a database are followed by running some artisan commands:

Run these commands:
$ php artisan config:clear <-succeeded
$ php artisan cache:clear <-succeeded
$ php artisan dreamfactory:setup <-failed! saying it’s already setup
//Answer the on screen prompts

Restart Apache

I did all that changing just the DB_HOST to point to the RDS instance, then ran the next commands. The last one (php artisan dreamfactory:setup) failed saying it’s already setup.

The problem now is I can’t create any services because no service types are defined. But I peeked into the RDS instance, and they’re all there. So given the setup failed, it seems I need to rerun it.

Does anyone know how to safely force a re-run this setup ?

Thanks in advance