Exporting DSP Applications

I have Created an Dsp Application in my local host and I tried to Export the same to other Server. I have Included all the Schema’s and Services During Export… But when I tried to export I get the Following Error.
Could not create the services.
Validation failed.

Please help me about how to resolve this.

Check your dreamfactory log for more detailed information about why the import failed.

ok fine… I also have one more Query regarding Upgrades… Does pulling latest codebase using GIT do the complete upgrade ?? Does it make any difference if I Completly Un-Install and Install the new Bitnami Package?

Just to be clear, I wasn’t meaning to say check your log and fend for yourself. I meant that you should post back the errors you find here so we can troubleshoot. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

The upgrade process involves getting the latest code from GitHub and using composer to update the additional repos. And Laravel’s artisan commands to update the system database schema.

The full process is here: http://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Installation#Upgrade

You can remove your old Bitnami Package and install a new one, but you will lose all your settings, users, etc.