Is API ready SEO friendly?

I use DSP in almost all my projects… Mobile apps and websites.
For mobile apps it’s ok, but for websites most of my clients are very particular about SEO and search crawlers.

Now since I use Angular JS in my applications, it means I have to wait for api ready before anything happens on my site. So I was wondering how will the crawler wait for api ready. Otherwise no content will ever be rendered apart from my first page which has not much content anyways.

Please advise?
Or do you think using server side stuff like php etc is only advisable? Not sure but in that case I guess the server will always be running so the api ready must be getting fired and always ready at server side unlike angularJs

In addition to it, I just realized that I can continue to use DSP even with the Resource service of AngularJS. So, I guess using that I would not be needing api:ready in any manner so will that take care of my concern about SEO?

The new Google Search Console has tools that will show how the crawler ‘sees’ your app. You could test there.

Beyond that, the Google Webmaster Forum is a better place to ask this question. Because Google sponsors Angular (for example), they will be the right place to figure out how the crawler works.