Missing region for AWS S3

I need to create a AWS S3 Service, but the dropdown list for the Region do not include “US East (Ohio)” and can’t connect to it.
How can I add the US East (Ohio) region to the dropdows list?

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@Jose_Luis_Suria I filed this with the team today. I’ll investigate if it’s possible to workaround in the interim.

Hello mattschaer,

Thanks for your time, finally we had created a bucket in the Virginia region so we can test it. It works fine.

But it will be good if there were a way to add the missing regions. Maybe Amazon could add new regions, How could we use them?

@Jose_Luis_Suria this should be fixed in the forthcoming release, we’ve added Ohio, Canada, London, Mumbai, and Seoul. I’ll verify for sure and let you know which version implements these changes, whether it is the forthcoming release or release thereafter.


I need to use an Amazon S3 service in my DF, but need help to properly configured and use in a Script (another service inside DF).

I Create an Amazon S3 service and put the credentials.

I Create a service Script (in PHP) and when a POST to this service a Base64 image I want to send to Amazon S3, but can do this, can help me with and PHP example to use this?!

My code is like this:

$service = "storages3";
$path = "/images";
$payload = array( "resource" => array(
 "name" => "filename.jpg",
 "path" =>   "images/filename.jpp",
 "content" => "base64 long string"
$res = $post($service.$path,$payload);

I don’t see a document where explain how correctly configure DF to use amazon s3 and then a script (php) to call and save a Base64 image.

Any suggestion?!

Best regards,
Luis Batista