Mysql already populated database to ionic app

my first and foremost question is, can i import data from mysql database in my web application that i have already made “” and use it online and offline in my ionic app easily or do i have to use native development tools …

Please guide me asap… as i have quite a little time in developing the android and ios app for the project … my web application is on a vpn hostig service … Please guide me … Whatever i have searched for firebase till now , is that its good for brand new app deveopment but as it is a nosql database , porting my data from mysql to firebase is pretty difficult or next to impossible …

Any particular way that you people can suggest… ( its a multilingual web application, please do look at the url before answering) (Can dreamfactory be of any help or ?



Depending on your use case, DreamFactory may help with several aspects of your project. You may need to simply get started working on it to see if more specific questions or challenges arise. Here are some general resources for you:

If all you’re doing is data import/export, it may not be necessary to set up re-usable APIs using DreamFactory for one-time conversion. However once your data has a home, DF will connect to it and allow you to provide access to read, write, edit it securely and with great app-side integration.