Mysql error on cloud install

I just installed df on ec2 using bitnami
and after install i am having issues with mysql
first of all it didnt had mysql service setup
so i had to many set it up
i have been getting this error
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1273 Unknown collation: ‘’",“code”:"HY000"
dont know what that means
getting that error while creating schema

I just deployed a bitnami image to Google and mysql service is messed up. It has no configuration and you can’t edit the schema from Admin.

The solution for me was to create a new mysql service, and use the default username and password (same as the mongo db service) to connect to the default database named bitnami_df.


what i default password ?

@Vinod_Hum Check the default MongoDB config the username and DB name will work in the MySQL connection. You were prompted upon initial installation to create a root password for both MySQL and MongoDB, it’s the same password.