No new Releases in past 4 months?

There has been no new release after v2.12.0 released in Feb. Before that, there used to be new release every month. Is everything alright? Being a Dreamfactory silver subscriber makes us worry about that.


Hello @Im_PJ,

Our engineers are in the midst of the 2.13 sprint. As soon as we are confident we have a solid release ready to go we will release it :smile:.



Hi Erik,

Any details on the new release and what it contains?
Do you have a release date yet?


Any time frame yet? your github repo also doesn’t show any new commits. Where do we track what’s going on with dreamfactory?

I can tell you it is very close. We have some private repos we use for testing until we are confident the code will be successfully integrated in the current codebase and not cause any unexpected behaviors. This is why you have not seen much movement in the public repos at the moment as the commits are in our own private, dev repos.

Any news on what’s coming up ? Eager for the new version.

The new version is live!

Our engineering team has also taken a look at the community feature request list and some of our larger clients’ requests and now have a solid road map for the next several months. We should see our normal release schedule resume and will be pushing to get 2.14 out in the next few weeks.

Right after our silver subscription expired. Just saying. We are the losers here.

@Im_PJ I spoke to Luis, who I believe you have been working with on a 3 year Silver commitment…this would, of course, entitle you to 2.13 and all subsequent upgrades in that license time frame. Please PM me or reach out to Luis and confirm and we will make sure you have the latest files.

No bitnami available yet for 2.13 ?

Should be very soon, the engineers have passed it to Bitnami. We wanted to get the source code out there ASAP, as we knew people were eager for a new update. I will update this post when Bitnami says they are good to go.