Where can I find information about minor release

Where can I find information about minor release and what is the easiest way to upgrade my platform to a newer release? for example i’m on 2.0.1, but believe latest version is 2.0.4.

@mrjohny have you visited the DreamFactory wiki here: http://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Installation ? The DreamFactory GitHub page is also a great place to check current or recent developments for DreamFactory repositories. Example: https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/df-core/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Thanks, that helps. I was searching on Github, but couldn’t find it in one of the readme files. Upgrading i will try one day. For the versions, some are talking about 2.0.4, while the github readme talks about 0.1.13. What is the relationship there?

2.x release notes are also on the wiki here http://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Release_Notes.

@mrjohny 0.1.13 is the latest release of df-core, which is a specific repo within the dreamfactory application. The main repo is just called dreamfactory, and is currently on version 2.0.4.