Postgresql: connexion to a specific schema


i’m trying to connect to a postgresql database with multiple schemas in it.
However it looks like only the “public” schema is wired. i can only see the tables of the public schema in the “Schema manager Overview”.
I would like to define a specific schema of my database when i create a service…maybe with the “schema” keyword in the connection string?
Couldn’t find such an option in the documentation or in the forum.
Has this option already been implemented in dreamfactory 2.0?

Thanks for the help!

Hello @Nico_Dv would it be possible for you to elaborate? I’m not sure I follow. I have a feeling this may be related to configuration either in database or perhaps the database user provided in the connection from DreamFactory to PostGres.

HI mattschaer and thanks for your reply
Well in postgresql you can create multiple schemas within one database.
MY goal is to create one service in dreamfactory from one specific schema available in a postgresql database.
When creating a dreamfactory service from an existing postgresql database, i can only see tables coming from the default “public” schema available in postgresql databases.
That s why i m asking myself if it could be possible to create a service connected to a specific schema available in my postgresql database.
Hope i ve been a bit clearer…sry for my english…

Nobody else could answer my question?

In postgresql, you can change the schemas associated with a login by using the

ALTER ROLE loginrole SET search_path = schema1;

If you create the DreamFactory service with this login, you should see only the schema in the search path.


This works. Thank you very much!

we can add multiple schemas like this:

ALTER ROLE loginrole SET search_path = schema1, schema2, schema3 ;

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