PostGreSQL Views don't refresh

DSP does not refresh the schema as it ideally should.
I have tried to Flush Platform Cache and Rebuild Swagger Cache but it doesn’t work.
Logging out does not working either.

Then suddenly after a long period, I see the Views get shown.

Isn’t there a sure shot method which can ensure that the view gets reflected in the DSP itself.
I clearly have my views in the DB, but not getting shown on the DSP.

Going to the Schema tab and clicking on that view, and doing update schema, does refresh somethings at least.

So, the already existing Views get refreshed from here.

But, when I create a new view, it does not show up immediately out there.

Ok, I just managed to see a trick. If I go to the services track and do an update, it does start showing up new views as well.

Please confirm if this is the right way and intended.
I am not deleting this post, as this might be of help to someone else.

You make a good point. We’ll consider adding a refresh button to the admin app. As you noted the cache expires eventually. I believe it is 1 hour.

The API does provide a refresh option:

GET /rest/db?refresh=true