Postgresql database not appearing in Schema Manager or Data service

Our Postgresql database service does not appear in the interface under Schema Manager or Data service. Howerver, SQLite service does show up. Shouldn’t we see the Postgres service?

Using source code version of DF 2.1.1 - details:

Admin Application Version: 2.2.1
DreamFactory Version: 2.2.0
System Database: mysql
Install Path: /opt/dreamfactory/
Log Path: /opt/dreamfactory/storage/logs/
Log Mode: daily
Log Level: DEBUG
Cache Driver: file
Cache Path: /opt/dreamfactory/storage/framework/cache/
Demo: false

Installed Packages

Name Version
asm89/stack-cors 0.2.1
aws/aws-sdk-php 3.18.14
barryvdh/laravel-cors v0.7.3
classpreloader/classpreloader 3.0.0
dnoegel/php-xdg-base-dir 0.1
doctrine/annotations v1.2.7
doctrine/cache v1.6.0
doctrine/collections v1.3.0
doctrine/common v2.6.1
doctrine/dbal v2.5.4
doctrine/inflector v1.1.0
doctrine/lexer v1.0.1
dready92/php-on-couch 1.0.1-p2
dreamfactory/df-admin-app 2.2.1
dreamfactory/df-aws 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-azure 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-core 0.3.1
dreamfactory/df-couchdb 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-filemanager-app 0.1.2
dreamfactory/df-managed 2.1.0
dreamfactory/df-mongodb 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-oauth 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-rackspace 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-rws 0.3.0
dreamfactory/df-sqldb 0.3.1
dreamfactory/df-swagger-ui 0.2.2
dreamfactory/df-user 0.3.0
dreamfactory/installer 1.0.1
dreamfactory/php-utils 1.1.12
guzzle/guzzle v3.8.1
guzzlehttp/guzzle 6.2.0
guzzlehttp/promises 1.2.0
guzzlehttp/psr7 1.3.0
ircmaxell/password-compat v1.0.4
jakub-onderka/php-console-color 0.1
jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter v0.3.2
jenssegers/mongodb v3.0.2
jeremeamia/SuperClosure 2.2.0
laravel/framework v5.2.35
laravel/socialite v2.0.17
league/flysystem 1.0.22
league/oauth1-client 1.6.1
microsoft/azure-storage v0.10.1
mongodb/mongodb 1.0.2
monolog/monolog 1.19.0
mtdowling/cron-expression v1.1.0
mtdowling/jmespath.php 2.3.0
namshi/jose 5.0.2
nesbot/carbon 1.21.0
nikic/php-parser v2.1.0
paragonie/random_compat v1.4.1
phpseclib/phpseclib 0.3.10
predis/predis v1.1.0
psr/http-message 1.0
psr/log 1.0.0
psy/psysh v0.7.2
rackspace/php-opencloud V1.5.10
swiftmailer/swiftmailer v5.4.2
symfony/console v2.8.6
symfony/debug v2.8.6
symfony/dependency-injection v3.1.0
symfony/event-dispatcher v3.0.6
symfony/finder v3.0.6
symfony/http-foundation v2.8.6
symfony/http-kernel v2.8.6
symfony/polyfill-mbstring v1.2.0
symfony/polyfill-php54 v1.2.0
symfony/polyfill-php55 v1.2.0
symfony/polyfill-php56 v1.2.0
symfony/polyfill-util v1.2.0
symfony/process v2.8.6
symfony/routing v3.0.6
symfony/translation v3.0.6
symfony/var-dumper v3.0.6
tymon/jwt-auth 0.5.9
vlucas/phpdotenv v2.2.1


Operating System: linux
Release: 3.10.0-327.13.1.el7.x86_64
Version: #1 SMP Mon Feb 29 13:22:02 EST 2016

I once have that problem before, using bitnami installer… couldn’t figured out what’s wrong, then I apply another VPS and install from github, and it’s works. (sorry this comment is not helpful, I’m just sharing my experience)

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I’m on bitnami installer (2.2.1), added Heroku’s Postgresql - and yes I don’t see it in schema/data too

There was a bug that prevented postpres services from being displayed in the data and schema managers. It has been resolved.


Thanks! How do we get the fix?


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Upgrade procedure is documented here:

Happy GITing!

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