Remote Video not playing

I have copied this video into the Amazon S3.
and so my amazon link is something like:-

I am trying to play these videos on my Hybrid Phonegap mobile app using HTML5 video tag
Now the issue is that,

the ‘A’ gets played on browser fine and also on app.
‘B’ only gets played on browser and not in the app.

Since the video.mp4 is the same, so I wonder what is the issue.
Is there any setting or something i need to do which will make the video accessible on the phone as well.
Doesn’t seem to be a Phonegap issue, as the video ‘A’ is playing fine.

Even the DSP set up seems ok, otherwise it would not even get shown on my browser.
Any pointers, what is going wrong?

Could it be some CORS etc issue, or some setting I need to do in my config.xml for the video to play from DSP.
Or some hack I could try.

The only combination seems like config.xml and DSP, as config.xml of my app is not triggered when I test on browser. So, I wonder what is going on.

Any pointer would be appreciated.