"Role not found" in Files section of Admin app on fresh Bitnami VM

Trying out Dreamfactory again and grabbed the Bitnami VM. Followed the Angular 1 and 2 example app instructions and even the video and everything I try leads back to the Files service in the Admin App giving me a “Role not found” message instead of a file listing. Even right off the bat with a fresh VM. Not sure what isn’t configured correctly out of the box, but nothing I’ve tried works. The Angular app is accessible from the URL but obviously I can’t update the APP_API_KEY on the local file from the built in editor to get much further.

@pelted what version of DreamFactory is this? You can see from the Config tab of the admin app.

Role not found means that the system can’t match the supplied api key and/or credentials with a valid role for accessing the the API in question. This shouldn’t be happening for an admin however, since admin accounts have access to everything.

Oh 1 other thought I had:

Are you launching the file manager from the Launchpad?
Or are you going to ‘Files’ from within the Admin app?