Unable to create role for SFTP file service


I created an SFTP file service Dreamfactory and can access the files via the api_docs endpoint.
However when I try to create the role I am getting “Service Error” under the Components column.
I am using Bitnami Dreamfactory 2.12 running on Centos 7.4. Could anyone point me in the right direction to resolve this issue, please.


Hi @ktran

We are looking into this. I was able to replicate it on my local, gold install. I will update you ASAP when I figure out why the underlying PHP app is acting up when trying to add to a role.



Hi @Erik_Jacobsen,

Do you have any success in resolving the bug or come up any workaround?


Hi @ktran,

We have not resolved it. Our engineers are working on it though. They were also able to recreate it and working to find a solution ASAP. I understand this is holding up your PoC, so we are working to resolve this quickly. I hope to have something for you soon.


Hi @Erik_Jacobsen,

FYI, it looks like WebDAV file service has the same issue as well.


Thanks @ktran I have forwarded this to our engineers as well.