Scheduled Tasks/Cron Jobs


Is there any way to set scheduled task on server side scripts in 1.7? I can’t seem to find any references in the documentation or forum.

My initial thoughts on a workaround were to set up a cron on the server to trigger an event I can listen for on the DSP. Does this sound sensible or am I missing something!



Sorry for the delayed response, that does make perfect sense.

You could setup a server-side script that would then call on a cron job that you create.

We would have to build a service or a module that this script would call - then ultimately, would be able to run any service via that cron job.


  • Mark

Anthony, you might need another backend for that! Take a look at OpenShift . You can write all your backend code and deploy to an OpenShift Cartridge. Once you’ve set it up, you can copy your scripts (jobs) to the .openshift/cron/{minutely/hourly/daily/weekly/monthly} folder and run the RHC client command to attach cron-1.4 to the Cartridge.

Thanks Mark, always like to validate my thought process!

I’m running a Bitnami stack on linux @dareljohnson so setting up a cron will be no problem. Thanks for the tip though!