Using Server-Side scripts with OpenShift


I would like to use Custom Server scripts, however while testing the script (’), I get the following error response:
“This DSP cannot run server-side javascript scripts. The “v8js” is not available.”

So it looks like I need to install V8:

However, my DreamFactory (1.8.2) runs on OpenShift, and it seems like on open shift you are not allowed to use the sudo command, so when I come to the build step:

sudo cp include/v8*.h /usr/include/

I get a permission denied.

Am I doing something wrong or is OpenShift too restrictive and should I move to AWS / Bitnami, or a VPS to have more control over installing extra functionality ?



I decided to try AWS/Bitnami, and Server Side Scripting seems to work out of the box there.
The AWS dashboard is a bit scary at first, but in the end not too complicated, So Im going to stick with AWS for now…

This will explain your error

Thanks Antony, so it seems like Bitnami/AWS is the way to go atm.
I also had a couple of unnecessary problems setting up the email service on OpenShift, so for now I’ll keep using Bitnami/AWS as my dev DSP setup, the out of the box experience is a lot better.