Stuck on Product Support Page v1.8.0

I have set up a local DF install in Virtualbox using the Bitnami vmdk v 1.8.0-0

I logged onto the DF app using the default credentials. Had a look around to check that all was well, it was.

I then changed the ifconfig of the vm to use a fixed IP and created a record in my hosts file.

logged in again, using the new host name, again using the All OK so far.

Then I went to the user admin page and modified the user details to my own, including the email address.

I was then directed to the product support page, which I would like to sign up to. Selecting Yes or No has no effect, Refreshing the page, nothing, reopen browser (Chrome) goes straight to Product Suport Page. Tried different browser - ie (sorry) here i get to log on again, but straight to the same page, same problem.

I Googled around and found similar problems with earlier releases, but I think I have the latest, so not sure if they are relevant.

See if you have a directory htdocs/storage/.private. If so try to delete files like .registration*.

You can always force a logout by going to web/logout in your browser.

Example - localhost:80/web/logout

There are just two empty folders at htdocs/storage/.private/ they are called config and scripts.

Going to /web/logout takes me back to the login page alright, but when I log in again, I end up stuck on the product support page again.

This is not a good start as a newcomer to the platform, trying to do an evaluation!

Please email support and we will help you.

Hi, having the exact same problem… Any solution please?


I’ve had exactly the same problem, and believe I know now what is causing the issue…

I have installed the software on several Windows 2008R2 servers, and here’s what I’ve found:

Server 1: Win2K8 with direct access to the internet.
Installs fine, goes through support page no issues.

Server 2: Win2K8 with access to internet via defined Proxy IP and port in IE settings
Installs fine, but won’t let you past support page

Server 3: Win2K8 with no internet access (i.e. on its own secure network)
Installs fine, but won’t let you past support page

Can you suggest a fix for this please as I’m trying to roll out a test implementation in our corporate DEV area on the network and cant get passed the support page.

It works fine on my “home” servers as these can access the internet directly via the gateway - this is not an option in my corporate network.

Hi @cardblower, the usual workaround here is just to navigate directly to your Admin Console:


The general issue is being resolved, but has been difficult to reproduce in our environments. I am sure your three test cases will help our engineers greatly in nailing this down.

A permanent fix would be to manually add the token that skips the Product Support page once you’ve been there before. First, you would generate a hash of your login email address:

$ php -a
php > echo sha1("");
php > exit

Then, write a marker with this hash in the /storage/.private/ folder under your DSP’s root directory:

cd storage/.private
touch .registration_complete.cf75750c6895081bce80fba74295270a23777332

This marker will permanently bypass the Product Support page.

In case you did not already know this, the problem at hand is GitHub code Issue #36.

Thanks Jeffrey,

I used an alternative workaround :smile:
I got our firewall team to temporarily grant the server direct access (one way) to the internet. This didn’t fix the issue immediately, so last night I left the server at the “Support page” feeling rather deflated, returned this morning, click “no”, and voila! it moved onto the main DSP page :smile:

I will keep the above workaround that you have documented (many thanks for this) as once the DEV system is proven and accepted by our internal security team, I will be pushing for a Prod server installation, and then want to sign up for support.

Many thanks again.


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I look forward to hearing back on what you’re able to accomplish!