White Screen After Service Restart


I’m using google platform to host Dream factory
After I restart my instance using bitnami launchpad for google
login page became White with no error showing, Logo of Manage is still clickable

Please see attached image for your reference,

Chrome Developer Console

I search in the forums and saw that I need to delete/rename the tc.logs
OR to edit the df.php but I failed to do this because when I login via ssh with Username:bitnami and use the .ppk key
it gives me “Permission Denied”. Hoping someone can help me.


Hi All,
I still can’t find solution to my problem, so I created another instances and start over again. :frowning:

For me, the trick was to delete the cache manually again from outside the DF htdocs directory:

rm -rf bootstrap/cache/compiled.php storage/framework/

But to do this, you need to have access to the folder structure of course.

How many imes have you restarted the instance? I have had to do it multiple times befor getting DF to load fully.

However at one point I did have this issue on the Microsoft Azure platform, it turned out to be an issue with the MariaDB. The resolution was indeed to delete the tc.logs and then to restart the service again.


I just restart my intance once then it shows that error.
Can’t find any solution so I just create a new instance and set it up all over again. Also I can’t replicate the error, whenI restart my new instance, everything work fine, hoping I will not encounter this error again.