Suggested deployment flow

Is there any suggested workflow for continuous deployment?
I tried export package from my dev environment through Admin Console.
Then importing it into staging environment through Admin Console also.

But when I do the second time, I got following error messages:

Package import failed.

* Ignored duplicate found for system/role with name XXXXX
* Ignored duplicate found for system/service with name XXXXX
* Skipping duplicate role_service_access relation with id XXXXXX.

I may do it wrongly, or probably this is not the correct way to do deployment.
Can anyone suggest a proper workflow for deployment?

Thank a lot!

Package files will work for this. You tried to import the same stuff twice so everything was ignored the second time. If nothing gets created it says 'Package import failed’. If there’s something you need to export and you can’t figure out how please reply back.

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