Uploading app code

I have configured an app on the local storage, but I do not see the “open folder” icon that let’s me upload code files.
I was trying to reconfigure the local storage service, but I do not have a delete button there as well.
Any ideas?

The file manager is clunky. Usability improvements and better UI are on the roadmap.

Double click on a folder to open its contents. For example, double click ‘files’ then double-click on applications to get to the root path of applications. Here you can click ‘Create Folder’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then click on the ‘Upload File’ button. This dialog gives you an option to upload a zip file and automatically unzip its contents into the directory.

To delete a folder or file, select the item to delete and click on the ‘Delete Items’ button.

OK, now I see where can see it! thanks.

Only problem is you can’t do this if your a USER, only an ADMIN.

How can you configure a USER to access? I always get Access Denied.