Valid Silver License - Still Seeing Intercom Chatbot

We are just beginning to use DreamFactory in our shop. However, during my test setup, I noticed that no matter what the licensing is on the server side, there is still an Intercom chatbot in the lower-right corner of my screen when logged in. For both Admins and Users, this is unnecessary – especially considering we already have a valid license on the installation.
Has anyone had this happen before? If so, what is the trick to removing it, outside of writing some code or CSS filters to remove it forcefully?



Hey pbeverage! Welcome to dreamfactory!

The intercom chat, if it’s the same one I have, is super useful, because it’s a quick way to get support in real time within the app. Probably 95% of the time when I am looking for help with something that’s the method I use because I almost always get a response in a minute or less.

If it’s something that’s still telling you to get a license, that’s weird. You should talk to your account rep about it.

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Thanks for the welcome and the response! While I get that the chatbot can potentially be useful for some people, our target userbase will either A) not be in a position to contact tech support, and/or B) not have the requisite knowledge and permissions to effectively use tech support’s assistance. As for the administrators of DreamFactory, they would be the only folks who might find this useful. However, speaking for both of us who are administrators, it is not what we would find helpful.

The biggest issue I have is that the Intercom chatbot is primarily geared towards non-licensed installations and first-time users, as you can see below. I could write a CSS filter, or dig through the code and remove the feature entirely, but it seems like it should be an optional component for those who have paid a decent amount for a SILVER or GOLD license.

Each time we log in, we will see this, and even when changing pages, it will sometimes pop-up in the middle of what we are working on. It also appears as though it is primarily geared towards unlicensed setups (as seen in the image). Between the screen real estate it can take up, as well as the feature not being geared towards specific features in the route I am currently on, it seems more a problem than a solution.

I will continue looking into this, but welcome any additional feedback or thoughts :slight_smile:

Image Of Our Intercom Bot