What next? Please help

I followed the install directions and believe I installed Dreamfactory on my existing Apache server and linked my existing MySQL DB. Where do I create a new app? And where do I find the API key? Thank you!

Hi @tomtruitt,

Can you provide a bit more context here? Are you able to log into the admin interface? It should look like this:


No it seems not must be Apache config is wrong. I added new document root to existing. Directions only say what to do for new…

Can you share your Apache config? Which installer are you using, etc? We need more information to be of any real help.

Yeah I’m trying to figure out where the breakdown may be will post more info tomorrow thank you. Didn’t use an installer followed apt directions

Hi @tomtruitt,

After taking a look around it appears you can have use Virtual Hosts within Apache per https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28932039/multiple-document-roots-based-on-directory.

Kevin McGahey

As the article states each is a virtual host. Should be no problem. Let me share the conf here

Ty Tom, that would be helpful :slight_smile: