Windows Bitnami Upgrade from 1.6.10 to 1.7.8 Gone Wrong


The subject line captures it all. Visiting http://localhost:8090/ (where I always accessed the old version) gives a blank screen now. I don’t recall if I had a success message during the upgrade. Apache error log shows nothing untoward but for each attempt to visit the above URL results in an entry like this in the access log:

::1 - - […] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 500 -

How do I troubleshoot/ fix?


Chris, I’ve created a document on how to upgrade on Windows. It’s a bit different than the Linux steps. I will include a snapshot of it following this post, and if you need more help shoot me a quick email and I’ll get you squared away.


  • Mark

Hi Mark,

Followed these steps (git stash etc etc) and on restarting and logging in, config tab shows the version is still 1.6.10 and gives me the update to 1.7.8 button. Is this expected behavior (which would mean your outlined steps are prerequisites.

Also would assume these steps would work for all future upgrades on Windows Bitnami?


Well…I couldn’t wait for your response and went ahead to upgrade once again. This took me right back to the original problem: blank screen.

Please note all the steps were followed: the only errors had to do with “git pull origin master” which were to be resolved using “git stash”. This command only worked after I set my email address and name following which everything else was fine.

Also note: I already had git v1.9.0 installed but composer was installed fresh (your step 2).

Reload the frame within your browser and then reload page.

You can also flush away the cache and rebuild swagger cache.

Then, retry with same browser. If that doesn’t work, open with another browser to see what it says…

Also, within …/dreamfactory/htdocs/ - do you see a “vendor” directory?

Let me know!


  • Mark

vendors folder does exist but none of the other tricks work. Tried 3 other browsers.

I repeated your steps and once again I can log in but I have an upgrade to 1.7.8 button. Since as a newbie I cannot upload a screenshot, I will mail to you directly.

Will update upon resolution.

  • Mark