AWS SES Email problems, 1.8.1


I have the Amazon marketplace Dreamfactory 1.7.8 AMI spun up, and am set up in SES to send emails. The configuration used to send emails through the 1.8.1 version on my desktop functions.
Furthermore, when I SSH to the Dreamfactory AMI and install/send with SSMTP, I am able to send emails.
I figured this could be a case of 1.7.8 not sending properly while 1.8.1 did, so I attempted an upgrade to 1.8.1 (which broke, spawning my other thread here).
Out of curiosity and wanting to see if I can do the upgrade right, I brought up another Dreamfactory 1.7.8 AMI and upgrade it straight away. No major problems there, (will document more in the other thread)
I successfully have 1.8.1 running on AWS. I have confirmed that the following works when sent from my local machine, and does not work when sent from my AMI. Their configurations are identical.

  "to": [
      "name": "Demo",
      "email": "<my email address>"
  "subject": "Testing SMTP Email Service",
  "body_text": "I am sending a Test email from my DSP."

I get this from the Amazon hosted system

  "error": [
      "context": null,
      "message": "Failed to send to the following addresses:Array\n(\n    [0] =&gt; <my email address>\n)\n",
      "code": 500

And this from my locally hosted system.

  "count": 1

Any clues? Any better error logs I can look at to figure out what the heck is happening?


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