ERROR: The role id '' does not exist in the system


Hello ,
Since i installed the new version1.6.10 via github, and i’m getting this error: "ERROR: The role id '' does not exist in the system", it’s not about role id itself, obviously DSP throws this exception when any error occurs, nothing more shows in logs.

Please advice.



When exactly are you getting this error? Which operation are you performing on the DSP when this is returned?

From the information you’ve given, my assumption is that the installation was successful - but an operation through the API (most likely GET) is returning this error message.

Any more details will help,


  • Mark


Hi Mark,

Exactly yes, that happens when i try to perform a GET operation, although i’m 100% sure that it’s nothing related to Role Id most probably if/when DSP fails for any other reason it throws this error message.


Okay. You’re performing a GET on which service?


Remote web service .


Please send me an email to

We can get into detail and back-n-forth without clogging up the forum, then can post solution when resolved.


  • Mark


Which web service are you using to perform this GET?


The error is saying that the role id is not in the system, because the id is ’ ’ or, by the looks of it, completely blank. Our DSP is not configured in a way to throw this error generically due to another failure unrelated to role id. This error is being thrown because the role cannot be found within your web service while performing your REST call.

This would be the same case if you created another service, let’s say a DB, and performed a GET on id “1” - in the case the result would come back as 200 success (assuming there is an id associated with “1”), but if left blank then it will throw an error, because there isn’t an associated value with a blank GET (id) request…


  • Mark


let me test this out.


  • Mark


Hi Mark,
I’ve just sent you an Email at, waiting your reply to take it from there.



gotcha. will reach out now. thanks,

  • Mark


Curious what happened with this. I am getting the same error when GET request to /user/session Pretty sure the session has timed out, but shouldn’t it return a different message? On version 1.9.0 pretty fresh install.


Figured it out. Had Guest access enabled, but no role was selected in the drop down box. Oops.