Script Only Working from API Docs


I have a very basic python script that checks if a first_name is taken. It works perfectly from API docs, but the exact same JSON request sent from my Android app fails.


API_KEY = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

payload = event.request.payload

if payload:
    if 'first_name' not in payload:
        raise ValueError('User name field missing')
user_name = payload.first_name

if user_name == '':
    raise ValueError('User name field required')

response = platform.api.get('system/user?api_key=' + API_KEY + '&filter=first_name%3D' + user_name)
response_string ='utf-8')
response_bunch = bunchify(json.loads(response_string))

if response_bunch.resource:
    raise ValueError('User name is not available')

The error:


The “message” being “resource” is suspicious, but I don’t know how to trouble shoot it when the exact same API call from the docs is working.

The role for this app has script access enabled.

One other note, I have preprocess and post process scripts on user register. If I disable the preprocess script the user register works and the post process script runs.

DF 2.4.1 Add extra information upon open registration

No clues on why this script doesn’t run? Anything would be helpful at this point because I have yet to solve this.


I tried to trouble shoot this some more.

I found that response_bunch only ever has one value, “error”. I do not know if there is a bug here, or some special protection on system/user, but I have tried every possible combination to make this work and have not had success. Seems it’s only possible to reach this endpoint from API Docs…