Scripting Not Activated?!



Hi All,

I’ve been using DF for years, in a very simple way, but I’ve recently decided to use it for a real full-scale project. I have a working REST API that woks great, but I need to use a server-side script on POST-ing to a specific endpoint.

I’ve enabled SCRIPT access in the role, and have applied the role as needed, I’ve marked the script as “active”, but the scripts aren’t running. No matter what I try, and I’ve been for days, I can’t seem to figure out why the scripts simply aren’t being executed.

Is there a hidden switch, or some back-end installation needed to enable the scripting engine? Nothing appears wrong in the GUI, but the scripts simply don’t run.

At this point, I have a single-line script that just prints something to the log, to prove that it’s running. Once that happens, then I think things will fall into place, but things just are’t being executed.

Thanks so much for any help! I’ve loved DreamFactory since I was in college and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten frustrated with it, so hopefully I’m simply missing something.

Rob S.