Who's using MongoDB with DreamFactory?


We’re looking for users who want to talk about how they’re using DreamFactory and MongoDB.
Comment below if you’re interested. There’s swag to be had!



hi drew
i’m using Mongodb with dreamfactory



We are using MongoDB to show dashboard data in a prototype. Checkout =>


Hi team df

My product is using extensively Mongodb with df we have successfully used it for complex group spatial queries, df is awesome


Just wanted to know how did you use mongodb in dreamfactory to produce dashboard.
I want to produce aggregate information stats to use as part of a dashboard.
Have no idea how to do this with the mongodb dreamfactory api docs


The new IP address of the dashboard is
MongoDB in DF is storing the individual base objects for the 3 kinds of dashboard data I am showing and then this page is fetching and manipulating that data in highcharts to show them. BTW, this is not the final or production version but just a temporary one to see and work with DF data. The final one will not expose the DF-API key but instead will use JWT tokens.