Android SDK blog post

If you have any questions or comments about DreamFactory’s Android SDK or the accompanying blog post please feel free to post them here. Either I or someone else on the team will try to get back to you quickly.

Here’s a link to the docs page for the Android SDK, and a direct link to the SDK repository itself.

Hi, I am interested in using the Android SDK, although in the Github, there is a sample application but no instructions on how to install it in Android Studio (that I can find!). I’m a bit new to Android dev so It’s not really clear to me how to implement what’s in that example into another project. Is there a package with instructions or can someone point me to a folder in the github repo that I can pull into my project that is actually the SDK without the sample project?

In the Java folder, I see a dfapi folder - is that it? If I put that in the same place in ,my project, then follow the blog post above, should I be in business?

Much thanks!


Yes, that is the folder. You may have to grab a JSON parsing library (we used Jackson, but you could easily change it to something like gson). Otherwise you should be able to drop it into your project as is.

I just checked the github site for the android studio sdk. I was expecting to see

  1. sample app,
  2. .jar libraries
  3. source .java files

Unfortunately, the repository only contains a sample app and no .jar libraries nor source .java files for the dreamfactory java sdk. I suppose these should exist other wise, it means for android/java projects i always have to write a logic for each table. I am very very familiar with the .NET sdk and have even rechanneled the sdk to accommodate more features (seeing that the sdk itself from github was not completed).

On the java sdk, I was confused and after some searching on the internet i got this site “” which detailed the java sources files for the API i was expecting to see. Is the content here discontinued or where perhaps a url can I get it downloaded. Better still doesn’t dreamfactory have a .jar library that one can use both for android projects and java desktop apps hosted on an intranet?


I kept browsing the internet and stumbled on a project on github and here is what i found on this link “” The dreamfactory library contained exactly all i was looking for and i hope it will help someone. Although the repo is 6 months old, if anyone has a more recent repo, you can please let me in on the url. Thanks