Please does anyone here have a working sdk sample for Java (Netbeans project) and .NET C# . I have been having troubles for the the past 5-8 days (what a shame) to get the ones i downloaded from github to work

Java SDK
The java sample is a gradle project and Netbeans on my PC (Win 8.1) does not open any type of gradle project even after configuring “Netbeans Gradle Support”.

The C# example opens well on my Visual Studio 2012 but does not run/compile. It always flag this nagging error “The type or namespace name ‘Api’ does not exist in the namespace ‘DreamFactory’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)” which I have trouble shooted to no avail

I shall be glad to have someone come to my aid.



I know that the Java app was built in (and intended to be used in) Android studio – it is an Android app after all.

I’m not familiar with .NET, but if you could detail your process and precise error messages I may be able to help troubleshoot.
Pretend I don’t know anything about building a .NET project (because I don’t, lol.)