Azure VM first authentication

I have a fresh install of DSP 1.7 on Azure.
Azure Wizard had asked me for user name and password but no email.
Now I can access to DSP admin portal login page but cannot find what credentials are needed.
Any help ?

Since you’re using version 1.7, I’m assuming you used one of the images on this page

These are user contributed images that we do not have control over. They are also out of date.

If you would like a quick start on the Azure platform, we recommend using Bitnami’s images. You can find more info about that here:

The default credentials on the Bitnami images will be

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I noticed the Azure image I have used was tagged ‘By Bitnami’ and found that default credentials are the same of the Bitnami Launchpad for Azure.
Don’t understand why Azure has not the latest image.
Finaly, I have found the latest image here.

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Yes, those were Bitnami images posted to the Azure marketplace by an enthusiastic user. However we have no control over them and cannot update them to current versions.

I also have no idea if is a reliable source of updated images. I recommend that you continue to launch Bitnami images through the Bitnami site.

Of course Bitnami is not the only option when it comes to deploying DreamFactory.

I have got it !
But image origin is somewhat confusing.
The vmdepot link is given from the bitnami website.
Though I still have not understood how to deploy permanent DSP vm to my Azure account from bitnami site (instead of one hour demo)…

You do have to already have an Azure account that you want to add the Bitnami image to.

When I click “Launch DreamFactory with one click from the Bitnami Launchpad for Azure,” I’m taken to where I just type “dreamfactory” in the Search box and click “Launch In Account” instead of “Free 1 hour Demo” when I want to add the image permanently to my account rather than just having a 1-hour demo.

Let me know what confused you.

Got it !
I have to link my Azure credentials to my bitnami account.
Thanks a lot.

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