Dreamfactory upgrade general question


I need to upgrade my version of dreamfactory, I’ve been following the tutorial https://wiki.dreamfactory.com/DreamFactory/Upgrades but I am stuck in step 4 of ‘Perform an upgrade’: what do {web service user} and {your user group} refer to respectively?
I am quite new to Dreamfactory and haven’t done any sort of upgrade before.

Thank you!

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Hello @LauraS,

What OS are you installing on and what web server are you using? (Like Apache vs. NGINX vs. IIS…)


Hello @AlexBowen

I’m using Windows 10 and dreamfactory has been installed using the Google compute engine.

@LauraS using Google Compute Engine to launch DreamFactory did you choose the cloud installer (VM)? Do you have a .pem to SSH the server where DreamFactory is? The upgrade commands are run from the shell.

Yes, I have an instance of the dreamfactory server I’m using.
And yes, I access the shell via SSH. I have been doing the first steps for the upgrade there but have no idea how to find the {web service user} and the {user group}.

@LauraS those are user supplied values and can be environment(OS) specific. In your case I would recommend the following: sudo chown -R root:daemon storage/ bootstrap/cache/ (I believe this is default for Bitnami VM). Hope this helps!

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@mattschaer Thank you I’ll try it out and let you know!

It worked! Thank you!