Bitnami 2.1.0-4 Remote Web service not show in API DOCS

Solved by myself

@jeebee, what did you do to solve this problem? It’d nice for the community to know :slight_smile:

Just as a heads up – Remote Web Services need Swagger Definitions in order to be used in API Docs.
DreamFactory recommends using the official Swagger editor to build your definitions.

you need to know that json definition file from 2.0X are incompatible with 2.1
this is why my remote service didn’t appear in API DOCS
now solved after updating json definition file

note that there is on the web swagger 1 to swagger 2 converter

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That is correct. Thanks for the reminder for everyone.
DreamFactory 2.1 implemented Swagger 2 (see the changelog) which had very large differences in the json swagger definitions.