Export app doesn't work

Packages->Chose the App name-> select the different things-> Export App. Nothing happen.

I am using Safari if that helps.

Is there another way to do backup for now?

Choose download zip from the file manager.
On the app screen, click on the folder icon for the app you want to browse files for.

That doesn’t work either. Can you paste a screenshot or if there is a way to do the backup from the terminal as well that would be cool. It is a bit unsettling working without a backup.


Could you do me a favor and take a screen shot right before you click export app. i.e. with all the boxes checked.

That would be helpful. I’ve had difficulties here, too and it’s seemingly related to what all you check on that screen.

Something cool that I did figure out during testing this out was that you’re able to export all of your services without exporting an app… So, say you wanted import services from hosted to a local instance - it can be done with a few clicks now.


You can see that the only tappable button here is the delete. The other two are disabled for some reason.

Hey, okay we’re going to cover two separate things here:

  1. Apps

What you’re doing is actually in the “apps” tab. So, depending on whether or not your app is hosted remotely or locally will either allow you to click these buttons, or they will be greyed out.

Check out the picture. The first one I created called “non-hosted app” only allows the delete button to be used. This is because the application lives (the actual code is stored) on my local desktop (and I’m on the hosted edition… so it can’t access my files…).

However, the others are all available. These apps are all hosted on the website, meaning you’re able to not only “test run” them to see if they’re working - you can also explore the app with the folder icon.

  1. Exporting apps

To export an app you’ll want to go to the “package” tab on the left panel within the admin console:

When exporting an application be sure to, let’s take my picture example - I chose the Trivia app , so now I must choose the service(s) that my trivia app uses, which is “Rotten Tomatoes” - and I know the schema includes the “trivia score” and “people”… this scenario will work.

Also, sometimes is does take a second to pop-up so that could be an issue but make sure that you’re not accidentally calling a field in your DB/schema that isn’t there - this will give an error.

Please respond with some good news man!


  • Mark

ah yeah now I see. I will try to export but I pumped into another bug. I don’t know if you are aware of it.

That error can be replicated as the following.

1- Create a foreign key that can be NULL.
2- Try to edit an entry in that table and set the foreign key to NULL at the same time. Error
3- Try to just to set the foreign key to NULL and then it will save successfully.

Basically you can’t save any entry that have a null foreign key to another table. I hope that makes sense.

Feel like I’ve seen this before somewhere - you’re sure that you’ve corrected created a primary/foreign relationship by linking it to another table using the reference field type?

yeah it is the same case for all the foreign keys. The tables are connected just fine and I can fetch all that from the API just fine as well.