Having Trouble with my MS SQL Service API

I am VERY new to using web services and was finally starting to make progress until I got stuck again.

I am working in Android and using Retrofit connecting to MS SQL Server:

This works


This does not:


Error in Android LOG CAT:

D/Retrofit﹕ java.io.IOException: No authentication challenges found

if I put it in a browser I get this:

{“error”:[{“context”:null,“message”:“No application name header or parameter value in request.”,“code”:400}]}

It runs fine and lists all the tables in the API Docs section of the admin console. Any help is appreciated.

I will answer my own question. The problem was with my header. If anyone else is using retrofit here is how I have mine working.

public interface dreamfactory {

public void authenticate(@Body Session auth, Callback<DreamfactoryModel> response);

public void getTables(@Query("app_name") String sessionId,@Header("X-DreamFactory-Session-Token") String sessionID, Callback<List<TableModel>> response);


This is just what I have been using to learn and test with but hopefully someone finds it useful.

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