How to upgrade to latest DSP version

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Please see the Product Upgrades page from our documentation here. Reply to this thread with any difficulties you encounter, if any.

Hello Jeffrey,

I have the exact same email authentication error this thread amend posted. I currently used bitnami console manage EC2 at AWS service. I tried to hit the update button and nothing really happens. I was wondering if there is any way to upgrade to the new changes so my email service can work, thanks!


I am not aware of an “update button.” Have you followed the instructions on our Product Upgrades documentation page?

Hell Jeffrey,

The update button is what shown under Config -> System info

Also the email response should be similar to the original author was facing

Hello I have tried to apply the following commands from

self-update is optional, try it if you get an error without it

…/…/…/php/bin/php …/…/…/php/bin/composer.phar self-update
…/…/…/php/bin/php …/…/…/php/bin/composer.phar update --no-dev
…/…/…/ restart

based on this screenshot… what action should i take?

Also as I couldn’t get the follow command to work…

git stash

“/opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs# git stash
/opt/bitnami/git/libexec/git-core//git-stash: 186: /opt/bitnami/git/libexec/git-core//git-stash: cannot create /opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/.git/logs/refs/stash: Directory nonexistent”

git checkout master

“/opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs# git checkout mastererror: pathspec ‘master’ did not match any file(s) known to git.”

git pull origin master

"/opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs# git pull origin master

  • branch master -> FETCH_HEAD
    Updating 92a81a6…efdf89a
    error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
    Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.

If you know you have not intentionally / manually changed any files locally, you should be fine to choose ‘y’ to continue. (Sometimes when a package is updated, the files may have changed permissions or get moved around in the source, making the old installed version look like it was modified according to git, even though it was not.) For upgrades, unless you’re manually making changes locally, you will essentially always need to choose “yes” on these prompts.

Once you allow composer update to finish, the git operations should complete without aborting.

Hi @jeffreystables I’v been trying to update my DF 2.0.1 to the new version using the guide here

so far I have 2 problems

  1. the first command git stash fails
  2. the 6th line fail because I don’t have a script directory

I’m running on windows 10, with the latest bitnami installer

There is no upgrade path from 1.9 to 2.0
If you’re just trying to upgrade a 2.0 instance to the latest code revision, use the instructions on the 2.0 documentation here:

When you run git stash what fails?