DSP windows installation issue

After installations go to application getting stuck on product support page. Is it because of IE8?

Yes, you need to have IE9 or above.

I have same issue. I have tried local IE9, via other browser IE 10, Chrome, and Firefox. I can’t get past the support question.

I assume you’re using a Bitnami local install? Most effective way of getting a solution to this is to either wait for the 1.6 release (officially pushed out today, but not sure when Bitnami will update its version) or contact support - support@dreamfactory.com


Where you able to solve this problme? Facing the same error on Windows 7 with Bitnami Dreamfactory 1.7.8… Neither “No” nor “Yes” on the Product Support page redicts me anywhere. The page just reloads and I land there again…


It looks like you may have gotten a previous release from Bitnami before the (newer) official version of the WAMP DSP was released. So, you will have to install the latest version on Bitnami’s Windows Installer Page.

Clear cache in browser, restart machine before installing

Download this version (you already have version 1.7.8, but this one has been packaged differently).
Install it as admin (I used ports 8080 and 3307 during install).
Follow along with the installation, and fill out admin form.
Product support page will come up, click whichever (prefer yes :smile:

You should be up and running.

I just confirmed that it is working on my Windows 8.1 machine, so I have strong faith that it will on your machine, too.


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You will need to update dreamfactory from the repo. Seems the Bitnami Version for Windows has a bug at the moment.
Simply follow these steps to update manually and it should be working again.

DSP Upgrade on Windows

Download and install (always run as admin) these:

  1. Install Git: http://git-scm.com/downloads
    a. Check box to enable in console/cmd prompt during installation

  2. Composer: https://getcomposer.org/download/

Run the cmd prompt “as admin” and go to the Dreamfactory folder:


Once inside of htdocs perform the follow these steps:

  1. Perform the following commands:

a. “git pull origin master”
i. This will pull down the code from DSP’s master branch
ii. note during this process, if errors are shown, you can run the command “git stash” to stash the conflicting files
b. “composer self-update”
c. “composer update”
i. This will initiate composer and if prompted with “discard changes” option, always enter “y” and continue.

  1. After running the composer update successfully you can then.

  2. Go to your DSP_URL/web/logout

  3. Restart apache via your bitnami/wamp manager

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Great work. If there are any other issues that come up, please reach out.

I have a DSP running in a Windows (8) environment and update using this method only. I have yet to run into any issues doing it this way. Take this into consideration as new releases come out.

Not exactly sure why the new packaged version on Bitnami did not work for your Windows 7 machine, but we will look into this and fix the root cause. I’d keep on updating via git pull and composer update.

Glad you are up and running!


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