Openstack storage connectivity sample

Did someone have a sample definition of working openstack storage ??

I fill all the required data in the service, but when I load it, I receive all the time a credential problem.
And i can connect with other software.

BTW our storage is a V1 version without keystone.

Many thank’s for your help

Ph Koenig

Are you having this issue in Swagger or in your app?

Swagger for the moment. We are just starting an infrastructure poc.

This is the result of a run in swagger
(I cannot upload the screenShot , so i copy the text…)
Ph Koenig

Request: http://192.168.xx.yy:80/rest/cirbswift

Response body:
“error”: [
“context”: null,
“message”: “Failed to launch service “cirbswift”: Failed to launch OpenStack service: Unrecognized credential secret”,
“code”: 500

Did you ever get this worked out? I looked through some other service definitions and it looks like that error is defined in the service definition itself. If the service definition isn’t formatted properly maybe the error is returning instead of the right response. Just a wild guess, but evil missing commas have been known to do worse…