Possible addition or replacement of current V8 server side script

This project looks interesting and could be an enhancement or replacement to the current server side scripting method.

Thanks, we’ll check it out.

Well, that’s pretty heavy for inclusion. Not to mention it is requires a .NET runtime. And, there isn’t anything wrong, per se, with the current scripting engine (other than the version issue).

However, there is no reason a DSP couldn’t POST to a GhostRunner setup (running on your network (somewhere)) using a custom remote web service. The DSP is a gateway, not a kitchen sink. :wink:

And here I thought the word “kitchen” would never show up on our forum, so I had it blocked due to a spammer. I have reversed that setting. Carry on.

Yeah true it is a bit heavy, but it just looked interesting. I know you are considering including Node.js as an option for the V8 so I thought this might be something to look at. My main interest is being able to use Node.js as the V8 scripting engine instead of having to install V8 specifically. The reason is that some shared hosting providers are allowing you to install Node.js, this way users can get the full functionality of DSP on a shared hosting account.