Shared hosting environment

Since this app is written in PHP it should be fairly easy to install in a shared hosting env. I know you where going to have instructions about installing from github. Any update on this?

Also from what I can tell one potential pitfall is the server-side scripting engine, since this requires V8 and V8js php ext to be installed, which I doubt most shared hosting providers will do, mine won’t. Are there any alternatives to the scripting engine that would work in a shared host environment?

One thing to note for my host I am allowed to install Node.js, since Node uses the V8 engine is there any way to hook into nodes V8 engine as an alternate solution?


Hi @delebash, I asked the engineers about this today. They have discussed supporting running scripts with Node for version 2.0 of the DSP. However, at this time, we only support scripting in V8 via PHP.

Thanks, I think node is becoming more popular in a shared hosting env, so if you do support node then this would help dreamfactory reach more users. +1 for node support in version 2.

Thanks @delebash, we have added this to the development backlog for 2.0.