Scripts on DSP hosted on Heroku

Whem trying to run a script on my DSP hosted on Heroku I get this error:

This DSP cannot run server-side javascript scripts. The “v8js” is not available.

How do I get this to work? Heroku is awesome but if I cant run scripts its a deal breaker…

Hi Greywire, are you pushing from a desktop install? You can set up the desktop properly and push from there. Is this the Heroku one-click button? Thanks

Yes I used the handy dandy “Deploy to Heroku” button ( and I thought all is well, this is awesomely easy… :slight_smile:

So are you saying I need to pull from the dreamfactory git repo and manually push that up to heroko and that will solve the problem?

Because it sounds like the heroku “stack” just doesnt have the v8 stuff set up, so I’m not sure how this would fix things?

Hi greywire

server side scripting uses files to store your scripts

these will not be in your heroku “image” because the PaaS systems dont have persistent storage

a better way is to develop you app on the desktop (we have bitnami installers for mac, win, and linux)

develop your server side scripts there and push the whole thing into heroku

here are the instructions to do this on Pivotal, i am hoping heroku is similar

another option is to switch to IaaS (aws, azure, etc)

they have persistent storage and you can develop server side scripts in the admin console running on the cloud

OK, that makes sense.

so, where do I place my scripts at?

if you run the desktop version of DSP you just edit the scripts and app there

all the files go into the right place

then push that image

I was hoping to develop completely “in the cloud”. Maybe I can use an AWS free instance for dev and deploy production to heroku.

I am still not sure though if heroku is going to run the scripts because from what I can tell their PHP stack does not include the v8js extension in php at all, period.

It looks like heroku might simply be out as a viable option for dreamfactory (unless you dont need scripts)