Refreshing the List of Functions / Tables in the Scripting Interface

Is there a way update the list of recognized tables and functions in the lists that populate presumably upon initial service connection which show in the scripting interface? I have added functions since connecting the service and would like to be able to attach pre and post scripts specifically to those new functions but am unable to since they do not appear in the list. Thanks in advance!

You need to add/update the service definition with the corresponding paths and methods for the service you created. After that, the paths, methods and pre/post/queue events will show up in the scripting section.

The issue I’m identifying is that when I create new stored functions within my db that are within paths already identified in the service definition, I would like for them to show up in the scripting section without my having to delete and re-add the service. As it stands, the only event that I can find that populates the list in the scripting section is the addition of a new service. Details or a list of available functions do not seem to appear in the service definition either, so there doesn’t seem to be a spot to even add them manually to make them appear.

Solved easily enough now that I have tried “turning it off and then on again”. Server restart seems to trigger the update.

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