Unable to clear php artisan config: clear

I’m trying to increase the session expiring time, for that i found this documentation
and i have done with 1 and 2 while trying 3rd i receiving an error stats
The program ‘php’ can be found in the following packages:
* php7.0-cli
* hhvm
Try: sudo apt install
while running the php artisan config:clear
For this error the solution stated in the doc was “If you receive an error that PHP is not recognized as internal or external command you will need to specify the full path to your PHP”
I’m not sure how to set/specify the full path to clear the config, is there any alternative way or any reference for this issue.
Note:i’m using Ubuntu OS.

Typing which php will give you the full path of your php install for future reference.

With regard to the commands you were having trouble with:

Were you in the correct directory when you tried to use them?

  1. Clear config

Run this command from the root directory for your DreamFactory instance installation.

php artisan config:clear

If you are on an Ubuntu based system it should be in /opt/dreamfactory/

You can find the install path directory if you check your config tab:

On a Bitnami stack it will be slightly different, but the install path will be listed on the config page and you can go from there.