Creating First Remote DB2 Service with DF not occurring

Installation to is completed, updated php.ini to turn on DB2 database support and restarted the servers and re-logged into Dream Factory.
Filled in all the options as normal For Creating A Service, Remote DB, and when click CREATE, nothing is happening.

Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.

First, I’d check your Config tab in the Admin Console to ensure your DB and DSP versions are both 1.9.0. Then, I’d clear browser cache to ensure you’re not getting a mix of new and old components. If this persists, I’d try to create a new service with your browser console open to see what, if anything, is being POSTed, and what, if any, errors are thrown. I’d also be curious to see if anything is logged in the DSP’s logs when this fails.

I stopped all the DF services, removed the directory, and re-installed. Also, I think IE 10 may have some issues for me, even though it worked fine with 1.8.2-1. Used Chrome now and the SERVICE was created and DB2 table data is accessible.

Thank you for your responsive help! It is very appreciated!

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