Dev Release Notes - August 2016

API enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Add Twilio, Verizon Thingspace, and MapQuest APIs into hosted developer sandboxes
  • For the Salesforce API, allow configuration of the Salesforce login URL to connect to Salesforce sandbox orgs.
  • General SQL API: fix issue with updating related record via belongs_to relationship
  • General SQL API: extend POST API calls to support composite key relationships
  • SQL Server API: allow expressions on POST to primary key fields
  • SQL Server API: fix issue with stored procedure Out parameters returning an empty array
  • SQL Server API: fix issue with timestamp records not being retrievable from dblib
  • SQL Server API: set to auto-increment to true by default
  • MySQL API: fix issue with em dash and en dash not being retrievable
  • MongoDB API: fix issue with LIKE filter string not working correctly
  • MongoDB API: add support for MongoDB simple aggregation framework
  • MongoDB API: add support for MongoDB’s GridFS
  • AWS Redshift API: fix connection issues with the PostgreSQL driver
  • AWS S3 API: add support for chunking large files
  • Facebook OAuth API: on authenticating to Facebook, expose the Facebook-generated token
  • User API: add API call to retrieve custom user information via the user_custom_by_user_id relationship
  • User API: allow per-role-app registration via the user registration API
  • Add API for posting JSON data to Logstash
  • Add a setting to disable caching for service credentials
  • One-way service credentials: allow admins to save service passwords once and not retrieve the credentials with a GET call

UI and other usability enhancements:

  • User confirmation: usability improvements to user registration confirmation, including confirmation code length and expiration settings
  • User confirmation: add user sign up confirmation flow for Admin users
  • User registration UI: fix usability issues in the UI for enabling/disabling email confirmation for open registration
  • Schema UI: fix issue with schema editor not properly loading the selected table
  • Fix UI issue with admin application Apps tab flashing “No Services” message
  • Add ability to pull files from a GitHub repo into the file manager

Documentation and miscellaneous items:

  • Add documentation for user-role relationships
  • Add additional documentation for common service types
  • Deprecate support for .dfpkg format in package import/export