Dev Release Notes - November 2016

API improvements

  • Return nested data from a database when the accept header is XML.
  • Support POST to SQL Server when an expression is a primary key field.
  • Add Linux ODBC driver for SQL Server.
  • Add ability for admin to select a default tablespace for a given Oracle service in DreamFactory.
  • Add support for nested table structures in Oracle.
  • Add ability to specify preferred schema in Oracle without having to specify SchemaName.TableName on each API call.
  • Support upsert option for SQL API calls.
  • Extend SQL create and update calls to support related data joined by composite key.
  • Support SQL aggregate functions for the Salesforce service.
  • Add support for MongoDB’s simple aggregate function framework.
  • Add support for MongoDB’s GridFS storage service.
  • Bug fix: MongoDB service shouldn’t ignore key value if the value is a unique MongoDB ID.
  • Provide ability to do advanced server-side record filtering for NoSQL services (similar to how this feature works now for SQL services).
  • Provide logging config options for Logstash API.
  • Add iOS push notifications API support.
  • Add Google push notifications API support.
  • Add all available API parameters to API docs for system/user endpoints.
  • Clear PHP SOAP cache when system cache flushed.

Security improvements

  • Add Azure Active Directory integration.
  • Add SAML integration.
  • Allow SMTP services to send email in plain text (currently SMTP requires TLS).
  • Allow unauthenticated SMTP services.

Packaging improvements

  • Make database and scripting packages more dynamically installable (i.e., only select driver components you need, not all driver components).
  • Bug fix: Harden packaging system to not fail with bad service configuration or unavailable data sources.
  • Add SQL schema and data import via .sql files.
  • Add meaningful file name and location for package file exports.

UI improvements

  • Major improvements to schema UI and interaction design.
  • Add NoSQL to schema and data editor.
  • Add select/deselect all option for HTTP verbs in role service access and CORs config.
  • Disable Delete button when script is in unsaved state.
  • Clarify meaning of “content_changed” flag in Scripts.
  • Add email invitation option for new admins.
  • Improve usability of enabling/disabling open registration email confirmation.