Dev Release Notes - July 2016

We will be bringing the below features to our community during our next sprint. Expect these by August!

Installation / packaging improvements

  • More flexibility to install only the packages you need. Install base DreamFactory package with the essentials, then use simple commands to add optional packages
  • Make the export of service credentials in a package a configurable option

API improvements

  • Add auto-generated API for Cassandra
  • Add auto-generated API for Redis
  • Add auto-generated API for posting JSON to Logstash
  • Add auto-generated API for Amazon Aurora RDS
  • Add support for MongoDB’s aggregate functions framework
  • Add API call examples to API docs tab (Objective-C, Swift, Android, Javascript, Angular, etc.)
  • Display read-only view of Swagger definition for auto-generated APIs (SQL, NoSQL, files)
  • Create a new Mongo collection via the API without requiring ‘_id’ field in the JSON payload
  • Support single API call for creates and updates for child and parent records related via belongs_to relationship
  • Support single API call for creates and updates for child and parent records related via composite foreign keys
  • Allow API names with capital letters
  • Fix issue with authorization header not getting passed to remote web service
  • Support digest auth for remote web services

Scripting improvements

  • Support “queued event scripts”, the ability to schedule scripts to run
  • Add more scripting examples to the documentation
  • Changing headers in a PHP script need to be correctly reflected
  • Post-process script not outputting to log file properly

UI Improvements

  • To improve UI performance, optimize how data is loaded and cached when each tab of the Admin UI is clicked
  • UI interaction improvements to the Schema tab
  • Add option to require email invitation flow for newly added Admin users
  • Add Ionic examples for Angular 2