Dev Release Notes - June 2016

We will be bringing the below features to our community during our next sprint. Expect these by July!

This sprint focuses on bug fixes, API improvements, documentation improvements, and UI improvements.

We’ll also add support for IIS (Microsoft’s Web Server) which will be important for customers using Microsoft technologies instead of Linux.


  • Bug fixes for address book example applications
  • API Docs throws an error when GETing a file in a subfolder
  • Schema Editor Save/Cancel button configured wrong
  • Verizon remote web service top-level events not firing
  • Related records update via belongs_to not working
  • API Docs NoSQL services have unsupported fields included
  • CORS doesn’t allow GET on files service


  • Simplify documentation TOC and restructure pages to keep the TOC persistent on left side. See Laravel docs for an example of how the nav will work
  • Lee will be finishing areas of the docs that were missing. Engineering team will also close the gap on docs requested thru support as well as simplify key areas of the docs, like installation instructions
  • Andy is adding a bunch of server-side scripting JS examples to the docs. In subsequent sprints, we’ll do the same examples in PHP and Python too


  • Miscellaneous cosmetic improvements
  • Make File Manager fonts, buttons, and icons consistent with the Admin app
  • Ace Editor in the file manager will use white background, not black (to be consistent with code editing in other areas of the admin app)


  • Provide capability to specify param_name=value functionality for Oracle stored proc
  • Extend POST (create) calls with related field for composite keys
  • Assist with figuring out parameter structure before calling stored procedure
  • Improve API error messages
  • Add XML back to API docs


  • Support IIS
  • Carsten is working on GitHub integration in the file manager tab of the Admin Console. This feature will let you pull a GitHub repo into DF from the UI
  • New Angular 2 components for CRUD and authentication. Andy will also write a blog for these and reference the GitHub repos
  • @leehicks started a new repo for Swagger definitions for commercial APIs, like Twilio and Stripe.
  • Test and verify Oracle drivers work with PHP 7. This is important for performance improvements
  • Add support for sub-groups on AD group to role mapping
  • Add monitoring and notification for DFE server status
  • In DFE Console, speed up user and instance tab queries (needs pagination)
  • DFE: investigate support for managing remote DF instances
  • DFE: Add installer for Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Stretch goal for Lee: queued event scripts
  • Stretch goal for Arif: add Cassandra service