Dev Release Notes - September 2016

We will be bringing the below features to our community during our next sprint. Expect these by end of November!

API fixes and enhancements

  • Add Azure DocumentDB REST API
  • Add Couchbase REST API
  • Add support for Oracle packages
  • Add new system/log REST API for logging
  • Support for one-to-many relationships with virtual foreign keys
  • Add server-side filtering support for NoSQL
  • Add support for MongoDB’s GridFS
  • Add native support for Cassandra limits and offsets
  • Extend POST calls with related fields for composite keys
  • Automatically create/update parent record when posting parent-child records together
  • Support upsert as a configurable option
  • Role access needs to accommodate new method of calling stored procedures with GET
  • For SQL Server, support using expressions on POST if field is primary key
  • Create a method for URL encoding on demand
  • Add enhancements to user group to app to role relationships for Active Directory
  • Fix issues with using virtual foreign keys with views
  • Fix issues with using aggregate functions with virtual fields in Postgres
  • Fix issue with nested data getting dropped when accept header is XML
  • Fix issues with AWS SNS APIs (see
  • API should not allow calling multiple user lookups with the same name

Installation and packaging enhancements

  • Make installation packages more dynamically installable
  • Support schema merge when importing a package
  • Fix issue with export package timeout when AWS S3 service enabled

UI fixes and enhancements

  • Add email confirmation option when creating a new Admin user
  • Improve usability of enabling/disabling open registration email confirmation
  • In Schema UI, show virtual foreign key relationships visible from child relationship context
  • Remove 20 user export limitation in Export Package UI
  • Fix Schema UI issue with virtual foreign keys not getting correctly created
  • Fix API docs to accommodate browser password managers
  • Fix issue with display of incorrect file dates
  • Fix issue with services not being displayed in UI after importing a package file
  • Fix issue with database services not being displayed in UI after refreshing browser in the Data tab
  • In role access config, admin app should not call remote web services and scripts
  • CORS config should allow duplicate values in paths, headers, and max age