Github Install 1.9.x db_max_records_returned issue

Hi All

I have a Bitnami installed version as well as Github installed version on Windows. I have increased value in common.config.php for 'dsp.db_max_records_returned' => 1000,. The bitnami version reflected the change right away; however the github installed version is not doing anything. I have flushed the cache many times as well restarted the server. These are the instructions I followed

Do I have to execute the command again? Does this reset my application or not?

C:\dsp\>C:\php54\php.exe C:\php54\composer.phar update --no-dev

This does not reset your application. It updates the code to the latest on github.
Did you restart your web server service (apache, nginx, etc?)

Thanks @drewpearce for the reply. Yes I restarted my server several times. Should I update the code? will that do it or override my edits?

Are you on 1.9.4? If so there’s nothing to update. That was the last update to the 1.9 architecture.

Moving to 2.0 requires a new instance and migrating your data and apps.

yes I am on 1.9.4-patch1. So do you mean I should migrate to 2.0?

Everyone should move to 2.0! :grin:

But there are a lot of changes and it’s not an in place upgrade, so be aware.
As far as the issue you’re experiencing, do a GET on system/config and see what is being returned as the the max records. Perhaps we can nail down where the breakdown in communication is.

Thanks @drewpearce here is my result

{ "allow_admin_remote_logins": false, "allow_guest_user": true, "allow_open_registration": true, "allow_remote_logins": false, "allowed_hosts": [ { "host": "*", "is_enabled": true, "verbs": [ "GET", "POST", "PUT", "PATCH", "MERGE", "DELETE" ] } ], "chat": { "launchpad": false, "admin": true }, "created_by_id": null, "created_date": "0000-00-00 00:00:00", "custom_settings": [], "db": { "date_format": null, "time_format": null, "datetime_format": null, "timestamp_format": null, "max_records_returned": 1000 }, "db_version": "1.9.0", "dsp_version": "1.9.4-patch1", "editable_profile_fields": "email,display_name,first_name,last_name,phone,default_app_id,security_question,security_answer", "guest_role_id": 1, "id": 1, "install_name": "Standalone Package", "install_type": 1, "invite_email_service_id": null, "invite_email_template_id": null, "is_guest": false, "is_hosted": false, "is_private": false, "last_modified_by_id": 1, "last_modified_date": "2016-01-20 20:43:08", "latest_version": "1.9.4", "lookup_keys": [], "open_reg_email_service_id": null, "open_reg_email_template_id": null, "open_reg_role_id": null, "password_email_service_id": null, "password_email_template_id": null, "paths": { "applications": "C:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dsp/storage/applications", "base": "C:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dsp", "plugins": "C:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dspC:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dsp/storage/plugins", "private": "C:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dspC:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dsp/storage/.private", "storage": "C:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dsp/storage", "swagger": "C:\Users\name\Desktop\xampp\htdocs\dsp/storage/swagger" }, "remote_login_providers": [], "restricted_verbs": [], "server_os": "windows nt", "states": { "provision_state": 0, "operation_state": -1, "ready_state": 0 }, "timestamp_format": "Y-m-d H:i:s", "upgrade_available": false }

Thanks @drewpearce it has started working. I think when I restarted the whole system properly it started working. Thanks once again.

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